ESTO ES POESIA. (this is poetry)

lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2009

in the beginning it was us (part five)

the dinosaurs were ready for the exception, it was the particles that claimed otherwise. a three pronged mike-stand pointing towards the sky can seem ubiquitous, as if a definite direction might entail some level of precognition, of accepting alternative routes when the conditions worsen, and the parking lots riddle themselves with cables and permits. coffee is not an option, the milk would never settle into the foundation. jupiter and mars still honor the festivities. a young mother cries her hungry daughter to sleep, no electricity, no running water, the elections are still too far in between. but still make a living, publish, further your career, celebrate the transient nature of matter, only to rejoice in the lack of substance, of a worthy reason behind so much movement.

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