ESTO ES POESIA. (this is poetry)

jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

PUMA ID: jose antonio villaran

it's strange to hear oneself's voice. i guess that's part of what makes us exactly who we are, unique in that same particular manner. all of us longing for something that got forgotten along the way.

PUMA ID VIDEO: jose antonio villaran

martes, 13 de septiembre de 2011

just call me

i need light

it's been a long winter (part I)

years later, in a city by the sea, we fell in love all over again. we remembered the games, laughter filled the hallways.

then things changed, there was hunger, so much hunger, and greed. couldn't see straight. i learned how to grow wings, how to breath under water. you didn't feel like coming, you like to think too much.

we grew apart.

the moon became our only resting place. we watched more stars burn and smiled.

when buildings crumbled, and people changed names, it was still there, waiting, dancing quietly. you could hear it if you whispered, looked deep within the crevices.

the lights became unbearable, we were forced to exile. water became scarce, power fashionable.

and animals made of metal joints, oil blood, so much copper. we were intrigued at first, you like it when things glitter. i get scared too easy.

lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

martes, 12 de abril de 2011

lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

we try to understand

as the golden palm trees bend over to listen
to whisper something foreign
to grasp the empty space within coordinates

i wish you were closer

a warm scent strung from the ceiling
to envision that which escapes to that special somewhere
long enough to figure out where to place both feet
so as to say no, i don't want to
but yes, we have to

a long street in a big city, lined with tall brick buildings
and you're looking from above
he's walking away
she's just standing there, she never calls him
he never stops
they both try to understand
not make the same mistakes next time around

is that what this is all about?

years later, in rome, a 13 year old boy writes a song for a girl that smells like the sun
and it's there again
bold, outrageous, compassionate
and the world remembers
we try to understand
enjoy those last evenings after yoga trying not to talk about it, just knowing

how reckless to be human

jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011

miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

i need visions from coast to coast

                   1am, San Francisco, CA.


 Art Students League, New York, NY.

i feel romantic

especially when i'm walking around the mission at night, and there's no one to be found.

lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011


i've been here for so long.
i'm still a foreigner
in a distant land.


it was so quiet
i could smell the ocean in your hair.
for a second, i felt like home.

(para mariel y bruno)

all the produce we can buy

maleconeando con la gente.

surf bar, nyc.

Resultados Oficiales (hasta ahora)
Official Results (up to now)

Antes que nada quisiera decir gracias, gracias a todas las personas que ayudaron a que esta idea cobre vida. En segundo lugar, quisiera pedir disculpas por cualquier error que pudiera haber hecho a la hora de plasmar los resultados. Ha sido más que lindo, gracias a todos.
I would first like to thank everyone who helped make this idea come alive. I would also like to apologize for any mistake I might’ve made in putting forth the results. It’s been one hell of a ride, thanks everyone.

1.  Número total de imágenes: 1213
Total number of images: 1213

-      TANTO MOVIMIENTO: 72 imágenes
-      SOLO PIDO UN MOTIVO: 93 imágenes
-      MORE OPTIONS: 103 imágenes
-      MAS DESPACIO: 13 imágenes
-      I AM SO TIRED: 28 imágenes
-      TENGO MIEDO: 57 imágenes
-      I FEEL LONELY: 64 imágenes
-      PERO ALGO ME SOSTIENE: 21 imágenes
-      JAMAS PODRAN MATARNOS: 59 imágenes
-      REMEMBER TOROMOCHO: 45 imágenes
-      NORTH ≠ CENTER: 66 imágenes
-      ESTO NO ES NATURAL: 48 imágenes
-      IN THE BEGINNING IT WAS US: 58 imágenes
-      NO NECESITO GANAR: 64 imágenes
-      NECESITO VISIONES: 67 imágenes
-      NO CREO EN JERARQUIAS: 23 imágenes
-      TODAVÍA SUEÑO: 76 imágenes
-      I WANT TO REMEMBER: 35 imágenes
-      WE EXIST: 50 imágenes
-      QUE SIRVA DE SUELO: 33 imágenes
-      ¿QUIÉN ERES?: 64 imágenes
-      NO BEGINNING = NO END: 25 imágenes
-      ERES EL AMOR DE MI VIDA: 49 imágenes

2.  Número total de participantes: 127 (+1)
Total number of participants: 127 (+1)

Alan Malcolm, Alberto Borea, Alejandra Vélez, Alessandra Otazi Ponce, Alexander Pacheco, Alexandra Pancorvo, Alexis Donoghoe, Alonso Gonzales, Andrés Sevilla, Aníbal Tafur, Beatriz filgueiras, Bita Chiesa, Blakey Ross, Bruno Monteferri, Carla Santillán, Carlos Mantilla, Carmen Musselman, Caro Chc, Carolina Silva Aliaga, Cecilia Gonzales, Cecile Heitz, Cecile Villa-García, Celin García, Cynthia Melendez-Montoya, Daniela Sánchez, Daniela Saldarriaga, Daniela zamalloa, Daphne raiser, Denise, Diego, Diego de la Cadena, Diego Potas, Estefanía Moreno, Felipe Salmón, Fiorella Castañeda, Gabriel Lama, Gabriela Estrada, Garzo, Gianmarco León, Gisela Sarmiento, Gonzalo Céspedes-Camere, Hans Portugal, Henry, Hugo salas, Ignacio Piqueras, Illary Vendramini, Jaime Villarán, Javier Tillit, Jess Porse Clemmensen, Jimena Ledgard, Jimena Villarán, Jorge Guillermo Arguero, Jorge Velásquez, José María Casas, José Vera, Josefina Jiménez, Juan Ignacio Sarmiento, Jules Bay, Julia Miranda, Julio Alonso, Julio Noguera, Kampanita Córdoba, Katz Cueva, Kiko Villarán, Lee, Leonardo Solari, Lorena Benza, Lorena Solis, Luciano Menú-Marque, Luis de la Puente Neumann, Luis Javier Montero, Luis Kuon, Lupita Villarán, Macarena Tabja, Magaly Diez, Manika Post, Marco Sueño, María fe Larrea, María Fernanda Morón, María José Fernández, María José fernandez-Plenge, Mariajo del Bosque, Mariana Letts, Marianella Guzmán, Marianelly Cuculiza, Mariel García, Marines agurto, Marité Aguirre, Martín Severino, Martina del Compare, Mauro, Maximiliano Nahuel, Megumi Kudzuma, Melissa Babnik, Melissa Valverde, Miguel Andrade, Mónica Tuss, Mucho Art, Nicholas Donoghoe, Noli Dowser, Pablo Carbone, Pablo Montilla, Paloma Iturriaga, Pancho Basurco, Patricia Villanueva, Pierina Ravizza, Positive, Rafael Ugarteche, Rafo Iparraguirre, Raquel Marambio, Roberto Zamalloa, Ronald Martínez, Rosa Villarán, Samanta Letts, Saphie Wells, Sara Longley, Sebastián Escudero, Sofía Moreno, Solsticio de Verano, Sophie Canal, Tita Solari, Toasting Dubz, Tomy Hilfiger, xqsi (y Jose Antonio Villarán).

3.  Número total de países: 23
Total number of countries: 23

Alemania (Germany), Inglaterra (England), Argentina, Japón (Japan), Australia, Kenya, Brasil, México, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Sudáfrica (South Africa), Costa Rica, Tailandia (Thailand), Dinamarca (Denmark),Tanzania
Ecuador, Turquía (Turkey), España (Spain), Uruguay, Estados Unidos (United States), Francia (France), Holanda (Netherlands)

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Note: these are the countries where the images came from.


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