ESTO ES POESIA. (this is poetry)

jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

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it's strange to hear oneself's voice. i guess that's part of what makes us exactly who we are, unique in that same particular manner. all of us longing for something that got forgotten along the way.

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martes, 13 de septiembre de 2011

just call me

i need light

it's been a long winter (part I)

years later, in a city by the sea, we fell in love all over again. we remembered the games, laughter filled the hallways.

then things changed, there was hunger, so much hunger, and greed. couldn't see straight. i learned how to grow wings, how to breath under water. you didn't feel like coming, you like to think too much.

we grew apart.

the moon became our only resting place. we watched more stars burn and smiled.

when buildings crumbled, and people changed names, it was still there, waiting, dancing quietly. you could hear it if you whispered, looked deep within the crevices.

the lights became unbearable, we were forced to exile. water became scarce, power fashionable.

and animals made of metal joints, oil blood, so much copper. we were intrigued at first, you like it when things glitter. i get scared too easy.